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Below are resources for current and future clients.

There is information that all site owners should know or at least be aware of. There is a section with helpful tips to make your site more productive, safer and efficient. There is a section with instructions and tutorials for various tasks such as resizing images, adding store products, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, etc. There is even a section worth reading that describes different aspects of the Internet and how it all works in easy to understand terms.

All of this information is here to give you, the website owner resources and knowledge to enable you to make the most of your website and more informed business decisions.

Top 10

These are the top ten things that you should know or be aware of as a website owner:

    (In no particular order)
  • cPanel - you should know that each website has a control panel (called cPanel) on the server where you can control various account items such as email functions, directory protection, and backup functions to name a few. Each client has access to thier cPanel if they choose. Please contact me if you want this access or see the Internet 101 section below for more information regarding cPanel.
    NOTE: This is different and separate from any content manager (CMS) your site might have on it.
  • Your website is hosted on a dedicated server at a remote location which I do not physically have control over. This is actually better than it sounds. See Internet 101 for descriptions of hosting and dedicated servers and why this is a good thing. The main point here is to know that I do not have a physical computer or magic box that has your website on it in my possession.
  • Basic Internet terms - there are several internet terms that you should be familar with that pertain to your website. Undertanding these at least on a basic level will help with communication in regards to your website and how it functions, it's limitations and how it's controlled. These key terms are defined in the Internet 101 section as well. These are: domain/domain hosting, domain name server (DNS), web hosting, server, bandwidth, quota, filesize, image size.
  • Backups - I create your website on my physical business computers and during the process begin to push the files to your account on the webserver out on the Internet. I keep a full copy of the original website on my physical busniess computer and a backup of that for safe keeping. Your only other full copy of your site is the live site on the server. At your request I will gladly provide you with copies of your website at anytime. HOWEVER, I strongly suggest that you take ownership of creating backups using the tools provided in cPanel especially if your site includes a database. If your site includes a database it is my best advice for you to make regular backups if that data changes such as sites with a store or CMS. See the Tutorials section for instructions on creating site and database backups.
  • Quota -
  • Security -
  • SEO

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QThis is a second question?

QThis is a question?

AYes, that was a question and this is the answer.

QThis is a second question?

AYes, this is a second question and this is the answer.

Internet 101

Basic Internet terms in a nutshell explained in laymans terms.

Network - a number of entities, in this case computers, that are linked together to share information.


Here are helpful tips to make your site better

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Tutorials here

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